Solstice Arts wholesale partners include online retailers, galleries, mail order catalogs and big box stores.

"At the Solstice Arts studio in the foothills of Colorado, we are a family of artists who publish our own prints and distribute our work as wholesalers. We work with fine art galleries for Scott Kennedy’s limited edition prints and originals, and everything from local gift shops to large national retailers with our personalized art lines and volume production. We take great pride in our products, our service and in the relationships we have with our partners."

As an industry leader, Solstice Arts has created many of the top selling prints in the nation and features items made in the USA. 

Solstice Arts was founded in 1998 in the home of artist Scott Kennedy with a single personalized print titled "Love Birds". Over the next couple of years, that print became one of the top selling images in the nation and Solstice Arts was established as an inventor and visionary in the art and decor markets,  Over the past 17 years they have continued to lead the industry, create top selling prints and have grown to work with many of the top retailers in the USA. Many wholesale partners enjoy these hot-ticket personalized items in catalogs, online, and – increasingly – in stores. 

Orders are processed daily and are guaranteed to ship within two business days, even during the holiday season. 

As a wholesale dropshipper, Solstice Arts sends out thousands of packages annually directly to customers on behalf of their partners (which means their partners do not have to hold physical inventory).

"We are highly selective, but if you are interested in carrying Personal-Prints or any of our other brands  – please contact us."  - Click here