Products are made in house, in the USA


Solstice Arts is equipped to handle every level of the product, from its creation, to the time it is shipped. This allows for the the highest quality control at every part of the process.

Solstice Arts is comprised of artist studios, a state-of-the-art in house art publishing facility, wood shop, and warehouse. This enables them to be involved in every part of the process, giving them the unique ability to carefully manage all stages of craftsmanship. Their expanding lines of products include both framed and wrapped canvas giclees, traditionally framed prints under glass, wooden block mounted prints and signs, personalized products, and their innovate new "Expansion Framing" which features a canvas giclee image that floats over a complimentary background image.  

With such diverse products, hundreds of orders a day (and most of them individually personalized for the customer), their guarantee to ship each order within 2-3 business days is truly remarkable.