Creativity is the heart of Solstice Arts


Any company can publish art. Solstice Arts sets itself apart through innovation and creativity.

From – quite literally – creating new genres of artwork to developing innovative finishing and displays for images, we take tremendous pride in our position as a creative family company composed of internationally awarded artists.

Solstice Arts is the inventor of (and continues to lead the industry in) personalized art.

In 1998 we invented personalized art with “Love Birds,” where each customer’s names were included as a permanent part of the artwork. Every print of Love Birds is a unique creation, as it is created specifically for each customer. It quickly grew to being recognized as one of the top selling art prints in North America, and – thus – a genre was born. From that first print, we created (and continue to create) personalized art prints featuring a wide variety of subject matter. Some of our most successful can be seen here.

In the 2000s we took the idea of personalized art in an exciting new direction, as we worked to develop our “Name Art.” This product uses themed hi-resolution photography images to artistically spell names and phrases. Our first alphabet used photography of antlers and was introduced through the Cabela’s catalog. Its wild success led to our ever-expanding genre of “Name Art.” 

Our company continues to grow and develop new personalized art concepts with an expanding collection of styles, themes and artist contributors. Click here to see our latest and greatest new releases in the personalized art collection.

If you are a wildly creative artist that would like to have work considered by Solstice Arts, please reach out to us. Do not send specific ideas or designs, just an introduction to yourself and your work in general. 

In addition to ground-breaking personalized art, we are innovators in how to finish artwork. In the realm of fine art, Scott Kennedy’s “Windows” series showcases an exciting new take on traditional realistic art. Each masterpiece is finished in an authentic 18th-19th century antique shuttered window.

Another example is our “Expansion Framing,” which is a stunning way to display a fine art canvas, as the print is elevated over a complimentary background. This style adds a 3-D element that draws the viewer’s eye to the artwork.

We believe the eARTh without ART is just EH.